Thomas Lyte 2015 Essentials



 2014  was a signature year for Thomas Lyte, and as we step in to 2015, we welcome the excitement  surrounding the year to come.
Recognising this is the month of new resolutions, our styling team have created a collection of sought after accessories, to ensure you have a very fashionable start to 2015.
Christmas may be over, but now is the time to focus on you. 

1.Stick to your resolutions

However large or small your yearly targets may be, add an element of fun by jotting them down in our colourful range of journals.


2. Dare to be different

Pop colours, textures and statement accessories are all the range this season. So be unique and opt for a classic piece with a quirky edge, such as our credit card holder collection, in collaboration with Mark Francis. Go on Darling, I dare you.



3. Stay Organised

Smart. Useful. Modern. Our trendy Croc Folio ticks all the boxes. Make sure your documents are manageable and make sure you look stylish at the same time. 


 4. Buy quality over substance

Ensure 2015 is a memorable year, and ensure you purchase goods which will last. Crafted from the highest quality leather, and designed by Britians finest, you cant go wrong with Lyte. 


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