Black Friday History



Black Friday.

The biggest shopping day of the year, the day that companies can see their sales skyrocket and kick start the Christmas selling period. An American concept that has slowly made it across the water to the UK and exploded in recent years. But where exactly has Black Friday come from? Everyone is so focused on getting the best deals before Christmas that they don’t even wonder why this certain day has suddenly become a shopping frenzy.

It is no coincidence that Black Friday falls on the last Friday of November as it is the last big pay weekend before Christmas. PR Guru Abe Rosen in the 1960’s in Philadelphia noticed there was an ebb in retail sales after Thanksgiving. He pushed Big Friday and Big Saturday across his retail clients with massive cuts across all products. It was a success but over the years, Big Saturday lost its traction and Black Friday was coined.

As the day that most companies begin to turn a profit, thus going from being “in the red” to being “in the black”, Black Friday is a day that is now permanently marked in all of our calendars. And why not?

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