Designer & Makers of The ICC Bat & Ball 2017 Awards | Thomas Lyte

Thomas Lyte are honoured to be the Designers & Makers of The ICC Bat & Ball 2017 Awards. Played every four years, The International Cricket Council Champions Trophy took place in England and Wales in 2017. With rivals India and Pakistan battling head to head in the final of the tournament, it was Pakisatn, the lowest ranking club in the tournament that would be victorious. 

Handcrafted from the finest materials at the hands of our master artisans, the Golden Bat and Golden Ball were presented after the winner of the tournament was announced.  Skillfully shaped like a cricket bat, the Golden Bat went to the Highest Scorer of the Tournament, Shikhar Dhawan from the Indian Cricket team who scored 338 runs.  Set on top of a wooden plinth, the Golden Ball, handcrafted to represent a cricket ball, was presented to the highest wicket Taker in the Tournament.  This was presented to Hasan Ali of Pakisatan for taking 13 wickets in five matches.

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