Designers & Makers of the Auld Alliance Trophy | Rugby | Thomas Lyte

Thomas Lyte are truly honoured to be the Designers and Makers of the Auld Alliance Trophy.  The trophy was commissioned by Scottish Rugby and the FFR to commemorate the 100-year anniversary since the end of World War 1 and to celebrate the close alliance between Scotland and France.

This momentous new rugby trophy is to be played for each time the two countries meet in the Six Nations Championship, it’s first presentation on 11th February 2018.  It has been expertly crafted in tribute to the courageous rugby players from the two nations who gave the ultimate sacrifice during the Great War.

The Auld Alliance Trophy is a magnificent symbol of considered craft being hand spun from hallmarked Sterling Silver.  It stands at an impressive 60cm in height and took a total of 110 craft hours to create. The sweeping form of the trophy rises up in remembrance, while the clipped edge refers to lives so tragically cut short. Around the trophy is a band of poppies and cornflowers, exquisitely engraved in line form to encourage a closer look, while the bright mirror finish applied patiently to the sterling silver surface allows for personal reflection as we read the names of Eric Milroy and Marcel Burgun and remember all those who fell.  Expertly handgraved in both English and French, this trophy is a fitting tribute.

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