Every Summer has a Story…

Every Summer has a Story…

‘Travel is the only think you buy that makes you richer.’ Anon


While the tans will fade, the memories will last a lifetime. So, start as you mean to go on, with Thomas Lyte’s packing tips, which will ensure some calm and ease to the start of your summer adventure. 

1. Make a List: Before you even begin to pack, making a list is crucial. It means that you not only calm that burning desire to pack everything in your wardrobe (you know, just in case!) but also ensures that you don’t forget any essentials. 


2. Stop, drop and roll!: Stop packing, drop those folded clothes and roll. This is one of the greatest packing tips, as you can get extra space for those ‘just in case’ pieces and it will minimise the creasing of your clothes. Naturally this is not recommended for evening wear. 

3. Protect it: Always keep your jewellery and delicate items sage and secure by housing them in a vanity case or jewellery box. 


4. Security Smart: Luggage tags on your suitcase can be easily removed or break off during transit. To ensure security of your belongings, should your case be long, always include an identuty tag on the inside too. 


5. Keep all the travel bag essentials, like your passport, money and maps to hand when you are travelling, by organising in a travel wallet or storing in your tote. 

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