Festival Survival


Setting off for a festival this summer? Well accommodating a hub of keen festival goers, the Thomas Lyte team have one piece of essential advice. Go prepared for anything.  Although providing a huge amount of fun and great memories to last a lifetime, festivals are notorious for strange and unexpected happenings.


Therefore we present our survival guide of must have accessories to make sure you are fully equipped for all wonderful delights you are likely to endure.


1.Travelling Lyte Keep your passport and essential documents safe in one place to ensure a smooth journey. Exquisitely fashioned, our complimenting set is a stylish way to start your expedition.

2. Hold it Together Make sure you have everything to hand with our collection of handbags. From overnight bags or day satchels to small shoulder bags and clutches, embark on all your festival has to offer, knowing your necessities tucked away in luxury.

3. Dear Diary Festivals are susceptible to rain (or in some cases the equivalent of a tropical thunder storm). Therefore, in quieter times after you have found shelter, jot your memories down in a colourful keep-safe journal.

4. Locked and Stocked Festivals are dirty. However, we live in a modern age where disinfectant wipes and make-up is freely available to all (hurrah!). With a popping range of summer coloured cosmetics bags, keep your beauty products close…Very close. 

5. Keep me Safe Cushion your cards and money in a slim MVF holder. Fashioned in bold colours and lined in luxury skin, this collection is a fun addition to festival attire. 

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