Miss TL’s Festival Survival Guide

A horizon of tents, the sound of crowds all singing in unison and that (not so) sweet smell in the air can mean only one thing: its festival season.

Like many of you, our very own Miss TL has been travelling the festival circuit and here are her essentials for camping in style this year, a.k.a glamping


Miss TL would be lost if it weren’t for her Audrey Bag: a favourite all year round, but particularly for the festival season. It is the perfect size and comes with a cross body strap, making it the best way to carry all your essentials from stage to stage. In her spring mustard cosmetics case, you will always find a silver plate compact mirror and atomiser so that she can stay fresh throughout the day.

These are must haves if you want to survive the festival wilderness. The festival season is always so memorable and Miss TL protects those memories with our tangerine camera case. No luxury festival guide would be complete without a hipflask. Crafted from stainless steel, this is just the thing for a tipple on the go.

Whether you’re wandering the world or camping closer to home, do it right with Thomas Lyte.

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