Go Green for St. Patrick


During any festive holiday, we all enter into a battle between our inner fashionista and our childish desire to don our celebratory costumes. And, St. Patrick’s Day is certainly no different.

But don’t you worry; the Thomas Lyte team have come up with a plan to help you navigate those Emerald waters. This season is all about accessorising with colour, so Instead of drowning in a cloak of green this weekend, pair a splash of Sea Green with nude and codra hues.


We especially love how Anh, from 9to5Chic, demonstrates the elegance and luxuriousness of this colour palette.

Whether you are celebrating your heritage or just looking for a good excuse to party this weekend, this colour combination is a knock out. It has the right mix of sophistication and spice to have you celebrating in style this St. Patrick’s day. Christmas is not the only festive season for giving. By going green this holiday, you won’t just be supporting St. Patricks Day, but also the talented team behind the craftsmanship of every Thomas Lyte product. The Thomas Lyte Foundation, in association with the Crafts Council, receives 10% of the profits from every purchase you make.  For more information, please visit our website www.thomaslytefoundation.org or contact us at info@thomaslytefoundation.org. Happy St. Patricks Day. 

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