How to Care for Leather Goods

“How should I care for my leather products?”

Is a question we often encounter here at Thomas Lyte, the answer to which is very simple but also important to ensure the longest life possible for your leather goods. So here we have a quick and easy guide to understanding the leathers, and knowing the best ways to treat them.

Step 1 – Know your Leather

Each Thomas Lyte product is carefully handcrafted and designed to be function, luxurious and long lasting. All our leathers are vegetable tanned, ensuring all the colours are naturally produced. 

Grained and print leathers are embossed to their specific pattern using plates.

Smooth leathers are simply vegetabled tanned.

Natural leathers have been tumled to create a natural looking grain and soft feel to the leather.


Step 2 – Weatherproof your item

Leather is permeable and can never be entirely waterproof, nontheless there are protection creams and waxes that can be applied to products to function as a barrier against water. 

We recommend using Collonil sprays and creams which can be purchased through our site. These can be applied more than once depending on the frequency of use, to ensure your product stays protected. 


Step 3 – Storing your items correctly

When you purhase a Thomas Lyte product you will recieve a protective pouch. When you aren’t proudly using your item, we suggest that you store it in this protective pouch.


Final Tips

Should the leather get wet, remove any excess water immediatley and set aside to dry naturally.

Use a warm damp cloth to remove sufrace dirt



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