Thomas Lyte Visits Louis Vuitton Series 3



Visiting the Louis Vuitton exhibition not only provided us at Thomas Lyte with inspiring content and an insight into the exceptional designs, but also established some common ground between the two brands.

The importance of craftsmanship was a factor deeply embedded throughout the exhibition, demonstrated by the precise production, all done by hand. An area of the exhibition was purely devoted to the skilled artisans, who constructed beautiful, small leather boxes right before our very own eyes. Such notion is one very close to our own values as a brand, in particular relation to our silversmiths.

The exhibition as a whole oozed creativity and exquisiteness, with a variety of new and old creations on display. Stunning dresses and striking bags combined perfectly with spacious rooms, demonstrating their individual beauty. The science of savoir-faire was encompassed within the exhibition – the merging of French and English craft and the development of ideas using the most precise machinery. The results of which, are truly magnificent.

The whole experience provided our Thomas Lyte team with huge inspiration, feeling proud to be associated in craft with such an iconic brand. And, did you know? Louis Vuitton are the makers of the Webb Ellis Cup Case, a trophy we are very familiar with.


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