Tatler Schools Awards Thomas Lyte Trophies

 On the 14th September 2015 headmasters, head pupils and educational professionals alike dressed to their best, arrived at the Dorchester Hotel London to celebrate the annual Tatler School Awards.  Here they gather together at a beautiful champagne and cocktail award reception, where the elite in Prep and Public schools across the UK are determined. In recognition they receive a stunning, silver Thomas Lyte trophy, along with a bespoke spoon for the Best School Food award. 

The headmasters of the involved schools envisage education at the forefront of our younger generations. This is much like our involvement with our silver and gold graft apprentices, who will be sure to carry on the unique work of Thomas Lyte for many years to come. 

The Thomas Lyte Albemarle Satchel was also featured in the Tatler Schools Guide Magazine – included in its October 2015 Issue. This classic style is quintessentially British and perfect for school or work.


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