Thomas Lyte does Fathers Day


With a day dedicated purely to our Dad’s, a few members from the Thomas Lyte team were interviewed to express what made their Dad so special to them.


What is your fondest memory of your Dad?  Driving me up to Lancashire from our home in Surrey to visit the school he went to as a boy, along with my grandfather and uncles. Seeing where he used to sleep, have lessons and play Rugby- I was so in awe and nostalgic to be in the place he knew so well and grew up with his friends, that I decided that I also wanted to go there and follow in his footsteps… It ended up being the best years of my life and I can now share so many fond memories of that school despite being a generation apart!

What is the best present you’ve ever got him? As an old fashioned gentleman, dad can never go anywhere without a trusty hanky in his pocket. But he always loses them! So every year I buy him a new set.

Most proud of my Dad for..?  When I was 5 he came to my school and did a show and tell infront of my class. He showed us all how to build a brick wall with cement!!! For the next 3 days at play time I found myself bragging “my dads better than your dad!”


What is your fondest memory of your Dad?  My best/ worst memory of my dad is being at a black tie function and watching in horror as he climbed the stage and sang a tribute ‘Hey Jude’ with a few of his friends. At the time, as a teenager, it was mortifying! But now I appreciate the nuttiness!

What is the best present you’ve ever got him? I made up a dance routine for his birthday once… 

Most proud of my Dad for.. ? Being 100% unique. It’s not often you come across someone like him and he’s not someone you would forget after meeting him. Having endowed me with a strong set of values and constantly looking to help and guide me in all that I do, I’m most proud of my extravagant, OTT dad because he’s my dad!


What is your fondest memory of your Dad? Either the 10 days we spent in Oman just the 2 of us, or the drives up to Edinburgh when I was at Uni.

What is the best present you’ve ever got him? He has me, what more does he need?! Only joking, probably everything on his list. Or perhaps the stone I painted him for Father’s Day when I was 5 with a ladybird on it. Mine was far better than my brother’s or sister’s who spell ‘Father’s’ with an extra ‘r’.

Most proud of my Dad for..? There are so many, there isn’t a set moment, his total acceptance and unrivalled generosity along with everything he has achieved. His wedding last year was a proud moment. 



What is your fondest memory of your Dad? Summers at the beach house in Kent. We had a boat and used to do adventure days out complete with a picnic and a bonfire.  

What is the most memorable present you gave to your Dad? I bought him a bottle of 50 year old brandy for his 50th Birthday. It went down very well…

Most proud of my Dad for..? Creating his own company and going growing it from strength to strength. Pretty big accomplishment! 

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