Thomas Lyte does #LFW

London Fashion Week is around the corner. The elegant, the eccentric, and the fashion-forward are slowly making their way to the capital, and London is more than ready to embrace them.

However, during this joyous time of fashion shows, exclusive parties and celebrity encrusted events, one question lingers on every attendee’s lips.  What. Do. I. Wear?

But, do not fear. May we introduce the Olivia.

Thomas Lyte does #LFW


Stylish, contemporary, and finished with traditional British craftwork, this exquisitely made bag is not only versatile, but a must have for this season, sure to make any outfit suitably on trend.

The Thomas Lyte team have also created a selection of Black and Mustard must haves (I know, we do spoil you), so make sure your Olivia is fully stocked with these beautiful sought after accessories, and and have a very happy fashion week!

Thomas Lyte does #LFW

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