Thomas Lyte Interviews – Master Silversmith – Kevin Williams

In the run up to the Rugby World cup, we caught up with Master Silversmith Kevin Williams to get an insight into his greatest achievements and the industry today.

How did you first get into the trade of being a Silversmith?

I started as an apprentice with David Shaw Silver based in Hatton Garden London. It developed from there on.

Do you have a particular skill you are especially proud of?

The ability to take a drawing or idea and turn it into a beautiful object.

What is your favourite design/creation?

The F.A Cup. To have made such an iconic piece that already has its place in history is truly special.

How many hours did The FA Cup take to make?

Approximately  160  hours


How many people are likely to work on one project?

Depends. Sometimes just 3 but in many cases 5 or 6 craftspeople are needed.

Where do you find your artistic inspiration?

Past masters and new and up and coming designers.

Is there an accomplishment you are especially proud of?

As part of Thomas Lyte team, mentoring and teaching our young trainees and helping them to develop into talented and confident craftspeople is something I daily take pride in and enjoy.

Silversmithing is a dying trade in Britain, how would someone who is interested in this profession be able to get involved?

It was said to be a “Dying Trade” 44 years ago when I started my training, and yes many of the companies that were around have indeed disappeared. But I would now refer to it as a renascence of the trade; with workshops like Thomas Lyte investing in the future of the industry.  Youngsters looking to make a career in Silversmithing or jewellery should be guided by The Goldsmiths Company.

You can view all prominent  works and creations by Kevin Williams and the Thomas Lyte Team in the Trophies and Awards section.

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