U.S. Men’s Clay Court Championship

“When looking to create a new trophy for such a world-renowned event like a professional tennis tournament look no further than Thomas Lyte in London. Why this company? Well they’re just as prestigious as the tournaments they’re hired by.” (USMCC, 2016)

With the unveilling of the new trophies at the annual Player Party now complete, The U.S. Men’s Clay Court Championship has written a fantastic article on the occassion, which is featured on their website, along with various photos on social media.

The Thomas Lyte trophies are the first new ones created since the beginning of the tournament in 1910. This exciting project started with a referral from the Vice President of Tournament Relations for the ATP Tour, Linda Clark, who is based in Florida. She was asked by the Tournament Director for the USMCC to recommend a company to work with to create two new trophies, and Linda kindly passed on the details of Thomas Lyte.

This led to a design brief from the client, and seven submissions of initial ideas from the staff at Thomas Lyte. After a meeting in London during November 2015, the designs were narrowed down to two and the production began. The doubles trophy design is based around Grecian history, and the singles trophy concept follows a Warwick style Vase. Both of these will be lifted in the tournament later this month.

To read the full article and announcement please visit the Men’s Clay Court Championship website.

To read more about the trophies please visit the trophy page

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