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What-to-Where, a Swiss and English lifestyle blog, has recently chosen our good friends from Truly Bespoke as their ‘Girls of the Month’. Truly Bepsoke brings together luxury brands and personalisation to create truly unique gifting hampers for any occassion. All items are hand picked specicifcally for the gift reciever, to create an unforgettable gift. In an exclusive interview with What-to-Wear, Truly Bespoke founders Jil and Vita describe the importance of brand building with suppliers, and we have been lucky enough to be mentioned as a supplier. Here at Thomas Lyte, we pride ourselves on providing luxury gifts for a variety of clients and customers and also offer bespoke services to create extra unique items.

To read the full interview visit What-to-Where, and to find out more about the fantastic gift hampers, visit Truly Bespoke for more.

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